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My name is MADDY

TechBeast Concept

On my 11 years of technical and personal life experience, learnt so many things from several failures with respect to technologies, people, life and so on. Based on my experience, I have decided that sharing my ideas or logics to everyone.

Whenever we want to perform a task, we need to learn that and obviously it will take more time. However, with my learnings I have found that we can achieve our target by two logics.

  • Plan Stronger
  • Work Faster

I have achieved my goals using these logics. Achieving your goals on this competitive world so hard. You can plan your goals efficiently and proceed it as fast as possible. To work faster, we need to believe ourselves very strongly.

TechBeast concept is created on my own interest and experience.

More about TechBeast

This TechBeast site is to collect and publish information about the technologies, cryptocurrency, news, and other tech related terms. I decided to collect and filter the most relevant information which can help us to learn and achieve our goals in technology as fast as possible. I have categorized major terms like, blockchain, cryptocurrency, latest technologies, global events, futuristic technologies and other information. 

I hope this information will help you to learn about particular term faster and achieve your goals.

Good Luck for your future 😊

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My Research

Technology is my passion which bring out more interest on achieving my goal using technologies. The technologies are updating everyday very fast.

I have started researching on technologies and decided to use those to Improve Humanity and Save Nature. Lets use modern technologies and its benefits to gain safe and healthy world for the future.