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Web 2.5
The internet has been around for over 50 years and we have already witnessed two generations of it. The first was Web 1.0 in which the majority of the users were merely consumers and most of the internet consisted of static, read-only pages. The second generation, Web 2.0, allowed users to interact with each other online on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
Currently, blockchain startups are building Web 3.0, but did they miss a Web 2.5? Let’s explore.
Web 3.0 has led to much greater control over the information put on the internet by users. It involves creation of a semantic network that allows special programs to process content. This third generation of the internet brought rise to an open digital economy. Blockchain technologies can provide decentralization and user identification through crypto wallets.
Web 3.0 will make it easier for users to search for content. Moreover, targeted advertising will become more accurate and customer support more effective. This version is already applied in voice assistants search as Alexa, Siri and other smart home systems. This new internet technology relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
It is still not clear what Web 3.0 version will be like but it may include virtual reality, open source software and the Internet of Things (IOT) and more. Most famous brands around the world are starting to implement Web 3.0 technology. Their purpose is to enhance direct audience engagement and monetization of brand intellectual property.
Web 2.5 version of the internet that seeks to give more power to creators. As the world shifts from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, the transition is what we’re calling Web 2.5. The combination of the two internet versions allows users to navigate through Web 2.0 while using Web 3.0 resources. In this period that we are at, we are experiencing a paradigm shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 but not enough to notice.
Web 2.5 has the potential to help brands increase their reach, have an engaged community and reach the next generation of internet users. With the current features and trends of Web 2.5, it is easy to predict what the future of the digital economy will look like. Great examples of Web 2.5 include services like Substack and Patreon.
Vincent Munene is a freelance writer and a great blockchain enthusiast. Blockchain has changed his life in terms of financial freedom and in return, he likes to educate people and keep them up to date on everything blockchain. He is a Biochemist by profession and also loves to play the piano.
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