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There are a lot of cameras for different scenarios, but what about a camera specifically for those looking to shoot  YouTube shorts and TikTok videos? Having a camera that isn’t your phone that specializes in that vertical shot isn’t that common. This is where Yololiv looks to change things.
The company has announced its YoloLiv Verticam 1080p Vertical Live Streaming PTZ Camera. Offering a fancier solution that can move, zoom, and accomplish other things your phone just can’t. Making for a more professional experience and giving control to the user in case they have no one else to run the camera. Not only that but this leads to quicker editing times since it is already shot in the aspect ratio you need.
The new camera offers various presets the user can save, allowing them to switch between them using an included remote or RS232 serial port. This way you can easily have the main overall view, as well as various presets that zoom in on the subject or something they are holding or motioning toward.
It offers up to 12x optical zoom and what appears to be an additional 16x digital zoom per the listed specs. You can connect to it either via HDMI or USB and you can (of course) control it via Yololiv’s own popular YoloBox switchers (that not only can switch between sources but can stream directly without the need for a PC) if you own one.
MSRP will be $629 and the camera is currently available via pre-order from B&H. It may be a little pricey for some as there have been some interesting 4K solutions that have launched this year that offer automated AI features that can be quite tempting to the user. Many of which fall into a smaller price range (ie, the Osbot). Of course, further editing is required to get the final video in the aspect ratio you need and those are more about being a webcam solution, so the YoloLv Verticam may result in better image detail despite only being 1080p.
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